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Incandescent lightbulbs for heating and lightbulbs as decor

Dear visitors let me introduce our modest web concerning incandescent lightbulbs and their prohibition. As you probably know the European Commission prohibited primary placing on the internal market, which means only further placing on the market. Therefore using, sale eventually final sale of some types of incandescent lightbulbs as sources of light is not prohibited. According to directive EC No. 244/2009 were 100 Watt incandescent lightbulbs interdicted by the autumn 2009, 75 Watt lightbulbs are prohibited since Semptember 2010 and all others will follow. Distribution of all incandescent light bulbs should be finished at the latest by year end 2012.

Fortunately lighting source is not the only possibility how we can use it. As you certainly know this piece of glass also produces significant quantum of heat which is represented by number of appropriate Watts. Based on this fact we can call them as heatbulbs alternatively warmglass or let your imagination works. With regards to I know one person who collects such items and she even paint on them. So I have another one purpose for using of the glass. Therefore in accordance with European Union laws and regulations I haven´t seen any reason why we shouldn´t use these bulbs as heating source or decoration.


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Old lightbulbs sold as “heatbulbs” to protest EU

The European Union ban on bulbs over sixty watts has gotten Czech engineer a little hot under the collar, so he has decided to heat up the environmental debate with a bit of bulb rebranding. This guy has been importing seventy-five and 100 watt bulbs from the others countries outside of the European Union to sell them as “heatbulbs” since ninety-five percent of their energy is thrown off as heat and only five percent as light.


For order heatbulbs - incandescent lightbulbs as source of heat or lightbulbs for decor please follow the link...


We were in main air time at the biggest czech news, see the sort video below

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